In May 2018, Institute for Anthropological Research signed the grant award for the project “Centre for Applied Bioanthropology“ which was approved under the Call “Investments in Organizational Reform and Infrastructure of the Research, Development and Innovation Sector“ and funded by the European Fund for Regional Development. The project involves the construction of four new laboratories (Laboratory for Molecular Anthropology, Laboratory for Evolutionary Anthropology and Bioarchaeology, Laboratory for Chemical Analytics and Laboratory for Microbial Ecology) in the existing premises of the Institute. This project will enable the implementation of high quality scientific research, further enhance the collaboration with international institutions and submissions of significant international projects, all with the aim of securing the competitiveness in the European Research Area.

The project will enhance top-level scientific research capacity of the Institute, increase the number of researchers working in improved research facilities, increase the number of scientific publications in the journals indexed in Web of Science platform, increase the number of students and theses and provide a better bases for scientific cooperation with similar organizations, both in Europe and the world. It will enable the Institute for Anthropological Research to become the leading national center for conducting anthropological research.