In May 2018, Institute for Anthropological Research signed the grant award agreement for the project “Centre for Applied Bioanthropology” which was approved under the Call “Investments in Organizational Reform and Infrastructure of the Research, Development and Innovation Sector“ and funded by the European Fund for Regional Development.

In March 2020 the Centre for Applied Bioanthropology was established. The Centre is operationally divided into four laboratories:

All laboratories are equipped with top-end instruments.

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Areas of activity of the Centre for Applied Bioanthropology are scientific and developmental research, professional work and services, as well as education. Main goals of the Centre are to conduct top quality scientific research, to increase networking with international institutions and submission of competitive international projects, with an aim of ensuring competitiveness in the European research area. Additionally, important goals of the Center’s activities are: increasing the number of high-quality scientific publications, increasing the number of students and their theses (master thesis and doctoral dissertations) and conducting specific professional services (expertise and studies).

The Centre’s –fields of study encompass molecular anthropology, evolutionary anthropology and bioarcheology, analytical chemistry in anthropology, microbial ecology, human growth and development, aging and longevity and personalized medicine.

Professional services of the laboratories established within the Centre will be directed towards conducting specific laboratory analyses, development of expertise, preparation of expert assessments and implementation of professional projects.

In addition to scientific and professional services, the Centre will also carry out educational services, which will include the education of students (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate), mentoring of master thesis and doctoral dissertations, methodological trainings for laboratory work, public lectures, summer schools and workshops.