Anthropology and Health

“Anthropology and Health” is the IUC-Dubrovnik postgraduate course that has been held since the year 1984. Until the year 1990, “Anthropology and Health” was held in Dubrovnik, but because of the war circumstances, with the break in 1991 and 1992, in the year 1993 it was organized in the town of Motovun, Istria, and from the year 1994 “Anthropology and Health” course is continuously held in the town of Hvar, on the island of Hvar.

The organizers of the “Anthropology and Health” postgraduate courses are: the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Anthropology – Hvar, the Croatian Anthropological Society, the Institute for Anthropology Research (Zagreb) and the IUAES Commission on Medical Anthropology and Epidimiology. It is envisioned as a meeting of scientists from different countries and various subfields of anthropology. The main aim of the course is to ensemble as many interesting and excellent lecturers as possible, provoke useful discussion and provide an opportunity to share scientific experience and novel achievements in contemporary science. A strong emphasis is set on bringing young scientists and providing them with an opportunity to attend lectures of eminent contemporary scientists and engage in challenging discussions.

The conference lasts six full days. Each day, four to six one-hour lectures are presented by invited speakers during morning and afternoon sessions that are followed by extensive discussions of the participants. There are no parallel sessions and every participant may follow all the lectures. The lecture pattern is flexible and is determined by specific requirements. The working language is English.

2018 Birth cohorts and intervention strategies for healthy pregnancy – insights from the CRIBS study and other birth cohorts

Lecturers: L. Bočkor (Croatia), N. Cameron (UK), T. Carić (Croatia), M. Čoklo (Croatia), I. Dolanc (Croatia), N. Fuchs (Croatia), Havaš Auguštin (Croatia), D. Karelović (Croatia), E. Petherick (UK), M. Roelants (Belgium), S. Missoni (Croatia), D. Novak (Croatia), L. M. Schell (USA), J. Šarac (Croatia), M. Turkalj (Croatia), T. Vrijkotte (The Netherlands), M. Zajc Petranović (Croatia)

2017 Anthropology in the Service of Global Health

Lecturers: D. Barbieri (Italy), A. Begić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), C. Binder-Fritz (Austria), T. Carić (Croatia), M. Čoklo (Croatia), N. Đuzić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), A. Fazlić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), P. Feher (Hungary), E. Godina (Russia), F. Grigorescu (France), M. Hajlovac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), T. Hurbo (Belarus), M. Idvall (Sweden), J. Konečný (Czech Republic), S. Koziel (Poland), M. Krzyzanowska (Poland), Z. Liudmila (Russia), V. Marfina (Belarus), N. Marinković (Serbia), L. Mešalić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), M. Milic (USA), N. Nešić (Croatia), S. Nikolova (Bulgaria), Lj. Pantovic (USA), M. Paric (Belgium), N. Polina (Belarus), P. Rudan (Croatia), S. Schuster (Croatia), A. S. Senghor (France), C. Simonpietri (France), J. Šarac (Croatia), K. Yamamoto (Japan), D. Toneva (Bulgaria), M. Turkalj (Croatia), M. Vidovič (Slovenia), A. Zsakai (Hungary)

2014 The convergence of anthropological subfields in research on health and illness: cultural, biological, archaeological, and linguistic factors

Lecturers: K. Anderson (USA), A. Begić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), L. A. Bennett (USA), B. Bogin (UK), N. Carceller-Maicas (Spain), M. Čoklo (Croatia), S. Doli-Kryeziu (Kosovo), A. Gomula (Poland), J. H. Halilović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), D. Henry (USA), L. Henry (USA), J. Jeszka (Poland), V. Krklec (Croatia), P. Kunstadter (Thailand), B. Legetić (USA), D. Marjanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), R. Mowson (USA), R. Merritt (USA), K. Musante (USA), N. Nowak (Poland), M. Pasha (USA), Z. Premužić (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), B. Rylko-Bauer (USA), J. Sindik (Croatia), A. Speier (USA), A. Sujoldžić (Croatia), S. Squires (USA), I. Varela Silva (UK), M. Vidovič (Slovenia), L. Whiteford (USA), M. Wozniewicz (Poland), K. Yamamoto (Japan), T. Zborovskaya (Russia).

2013 Anthropology and Personalized Medicine: Impacting the Future of Comprehensive Healthcare

Lecturers: F. Grigorescu (France), F. Jackson (USA), L. Lan Low (Malaysia), D. Marjanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), S. Mastana (UK), D. Primorac (Croatia), E. E. Quillen (USA), D. Rahelić (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), J. Sindik (Croatia), T. Šarić (Croatia), M. Vidovič (Slovenia).

2012 Anthropology of Tradition and Transition

Lecturers: N. Cameron (UK), A. Chakrabarti (India), E. Demerath (USA), M. Gibson (UK), P. Griffiths (UK), N. Grigulevich (Russia), C. Hann (Germany), N. Mascie-Taylor (UK), S. McGarvey (USA), S. Missoni (Croatia), M. Rizov (UK), P. Rudan (Croatia), V. Rudnev (Russia), L. M. Schell (USA), S. M. Špoljar-Vržina (Croatia).

2012 Current Topics in European Anthropology

Lecturers: C. Basu Mallick (Estonia), G. Chaubey (Estonia), S. Cvjetan (Croatia), D. Havaš Auguštin (Croatia), M. Karmin (Estonia), E. Kobyliansky (Israel), L. Kovačević (Bosnia and Herzegovina), L. Kushniarevich (Estonia), D. Marjanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), E. Pennarun (Estonia), M. Reidla (Estonia), S. Rootsi (Estonia), P. Rudan (Croatia), J. Šarac (Croatia), T. Šarić (Croatia), K. Tambets (Estonia), E. Tamm (Estonia), R. Villems (Estonia).

2011 Adressing Vexing Challenges in the Year 2011

Lecturers: L. Bennett (USA), N. Cameron (UK), D. Crews (USA), C. Fluehr-Lobban (USA), E. Godina (Russia), I. Janković (Hrvatska), P. Kunstadter (USA), L. S. Lieberman (USA), R. Lobban (USA), R. J. Meier (USA), B. Melamed (USA), S. Missoni (Croatia), J. Pařizková (Czech Republic), P. Rudan (Croatia), J. Sindik (Croatia), N. Sviličić (Croatia), S. Špoljar-Vržina (Croatia), A. Tomljenović (Croatia), D. Uzzell (USA), I. Varela-Silva (UK), M. Vidovič (Slovenia), K. Schaefer (Austria), K. Yamamoto (Japan).

2010 From Population Structure to Genetic Epidemiology

Lecturers: D.M. Behar (Israel), L. Bennett (USA), R. Deka (USA), Z. Duraković (Croatia), R. Karns (USA), L.S. Lieberman (USA), S. Missoni (Croatia), G. Pepe (Italy), P. Rudan (Croatia), M. Stoneking (Germany), A. Tomljenović (Croatia), J. Šarac (Croatia), T. Šarić (Croatia).

2009 New Challenges for Molecular Anthropology and Genetics

Lecturers: D. Behar ( Israel), F. De Angelis (Italy), N. Jeran (Croatia), M. Karmin (Estonia), D. Marjanović ( Bosnia and Herzegovina), M. Metspalu ( Estonia), S. Rootsi ( Estonia ), P. Rudan (Croatia), R. Villems (Estonia).

2009 Developing Research Design and Analysis Models to Study Determinants of Health and Wellbeing

Lecturers: R. Deka (USA), Z. Duraković (Croatia), L. S. Liberman (USA), S. McGarvey (USA), S. Missoni (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), Z. Sheppard (UK).

2007 Molecular Anthropology

Lecturers: D. Havaš (Croatia), N. Jeran (Croatia), A. Malnar (Croatia), E. Metspalu (Estonia), M. Metspalu (Estonia), S. Missoni (Croatia), S. Pääbo (Germany), E. Pennarun (Estonia), S. Rootsi (Estonia), P. Rudan (Croatia), R. Villems (Estonia), P.A. Underhill (USA).

2006 Anthropological Perspectives on Woman and the Obesity Pandemic: Causes, Costs and Controls

Lecturers: M. Barbalić (Croatia), B. Bennet (USA), K. Bennet (USA), D. Benysek (USA), J. Bindon (USA), B. Bogin (USA), S. Božić-Vrbančić (Croatia), N. Cameron (UK), B. Campbell (USA), I. Cecić (Croatia), D. Crews (USA), I. Colić-Barić (Croatia), S. Cvjetan (Croatia), H. Čargonja (Croatia), S. Elezović (Croatia), D. Havaš (Croatia), P. Herman (Canada), N. Jeran (Croatia), R. Katić (Croatia), I. Kefer (Croatia), L.S. Lieberman (USA), S. McGarvey (USA), J. Miličić (Croatia), S. Missoni (Croatia), A. Perinić (Croatia), J. Polivy (Canada), C. Probart (USA), P. Rudan (Croatia), A. Ryan (USA), T. Ryan (USA), Lj. Srhoj (Croatia), V. Srhoj (Croatia), A. Sujoldžić (Croatia), Z. Šatalić (Croatia), J. Tutkuviene (Lithuania), M.I. Varela-Silva (USA), M. Vidovič (Slovenia), M. Zajc (Croatia).

2005 Emerging Era of High Throughput in Population Genetics

Lecturers: M. Barbalić (Croatia), S. Cvjetan (Croatia), B. Janićijević (Croatia), N. Jeran (Croatia), D. Havaš (Croatia), T. Kivisild (Estonia), I. Kutuev (Rusija), M. Metspalu (Estonia), J. Miličić (Croatia), S. Missoni (Croatia), N. Smolej Narančić (Croatia), T. Škarić-Jurić (Croatia), S. Rootsi (Estonia), P. Rudan (Croatia), K. Tambets (Estonia), P. A. Underhill (USA), R. Villems (Estonia), L. Zhivotovskiy (Russia).

2004 Cross-Cultural Aspects of Mental Health and Psychosocial Well Being in Immigrant/Refugee Adolescents

Lecturers: Z. Bajrami (Albania), I. Behluli (Kosovo), A. Buchegger-Traxler (Austria), R. Buchegger (Austria), Circella (Italy), C. Cusatelli (Italy), B. De Jesus (Canada), A. De Lucia (Italy), S. Distaso (Italy), H. Ellis (USA), I. Jasinska-Lahti (Finland), M. P. E. Jirillo (Italy), B. Kellezi (Albania), M. Koni (Albania), M. Nardini (Italy), L. Peternel (Croatia), M. Plavšić (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), V. Rudan (Croatia), U. Sirsch (Austria), A. Sujoldžić (Croatia), L. Szirovicza (Croatia), L. Šimičić (Croatia), I. Škreblin (Croatia), R. Terzić (BH).

2004 Domains of Application in the 21st Century

Lecturers: M. Barbalić (Croatia), L. Bennett (USA), C. Bleviss (USA), N. Chrisman (USA), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), J. Gilbert (USA), B. Janićijević (Croatia), L.S. Liberman (USA), J. Miličić (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), N. Smolej-Narančić (Croatia), A. Sujoldžić (Croatia), T. Škarić-Jurić (Croatia), L. Škreblin (Croatia), D. Thorndike (USA), L. Vang (USA), L. Whiteford (USA).

2003 Phylogeographic Structuring of Modern Human Populations – mtDNA and Y Chromosome Perspective

Lecturers: T. Kivisild (Estonia), M. Peričić (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), P. Underhill (USA).

2002 Current Topics in European Anthropology in the Light of Molecular Genetics

Lecturers: P. Malaspina (Italy), A. Noveletto (Italy), S. Rootsi (Estonia), P. Rudan (Croatia), K. Tambets (Estonia), R. Villems (Estonia).

2001 Genetics of Complex Diseases

Lecturers: M. Anderson (USA), L. Barać (Croatia), P. Blaha (Czech Republic), H. Campbell (UK), R. Chakraborty (USA), R. Deka (USA), M. Kimmel (USA), Li Jin (USA), I. Mazura (Czech Republic), A.G. Menon (USA), M. Peričić (Croatia), R.Y.K. Pun (USA), I. Rudan (Croatia), W. Scheffrahn (Switzerland), H. Schmidt (Germany), M. Shriver (USA), Y.R. Su (USA), T. Škarić-Jurić (Croatia), H.-V. Tolk (Estonia), R. Villems (Estonia), A. Wright (UK).

2000 Anthropology and Molecular Genetics II

Lecturers: R. Calderon (Spain), B. Crouau-Roy (France), R. Deka (USA), T. Kivisild (Estonia), E. Metspalu (Estonia), A. Piazza (Italy), I. Rudan (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), W. Scheffrahn (Switzerland), H-V. Talk (Estonia), R. Villems (Estonia), Lj. Zergollern Čupak (Croatia).

2000 Disease Profiles in Developed and Developing Countries

Lecturers: P. Blaha (Czech Republic), E. Bodzsar (Hungary), L. Brant (USA), O. Eiben (Hungary), F. Facchini (Italy), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), R.M. Garutto (USA), E. Ginsburg (Israel), E. Godina (Russia), G. Hauser (Austria), G. Hezden (Sweden), Kundstater (USA), F. LeClere (USA), N. Mascie-Taylor (UK), K. Moji (Japan), D. Pettener (Italy), C. Plato (USA), I. Rudan (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), D. Sivakova (Slovakia), S. Strickland (UK), K. Yamamoto (Japan), R. Yanagihara (USA).

1999 Islands in Transition – Anthropological Analysis

Lecturers: M. Bakran (Croatia), P.T. Baker (USA), L. Barać (Croatia), B.C. Bennett (USA), P. Blaha (Czech Republic), B. Cvjetanović (Croatia), G.F. De Stefano (Italy), O. Eiben (Hungary), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), S. Forenbaher (Croatia), H. Greil (Germany), P. Kunstadter (USA), G. Livshits (Israel), A. Lopašić (UK), I. Martinović Klarić (Croatia), J. Palsson (Iceland), D.F. Roberts (UK), I. Rudan (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), M. Sato (Japan), K. Schaefer (Austria), N. Smolej Narančić(Croatia), I Šimundić (Croatia), K. Yamamoto (Japan), R. Villems (Estonia), G.W. Weber (Austria).

1998 Anthropology and Molecular Genetics

Lecturers: R. Calderon (Spain), B. Crouau-Roy (France), I. Drmic (Croatia), J.M. Dugoujon (France), I. Klaric (Croatia), I. Medica (Croatia), B. Peterlin (Slovenia), A. Piazza (Italy), D. Primorac (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), W. Scheffrahn (Switzerland), J. Sertic (Croatia), E. Strouhal (Czech Republic).

1998 Youth and Aids

Lecturers: J. Begovac (Croatia), R.P. Bernard (Switzerland), B. Cvjetanović (Croatia), O. Eiben (Hungary), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), V. Godina (Slovenia), I. Rudan (Croatia), D. Tot (Croatia), A. Stulhofer (Croatia), V. Hlebec (Slovenia), S. E. Nikolov (Bulgaria), M. Zeman (Slovakia), I. Bernik (Slovenia), L. Rabusic (Czech Republic), J.R. Halik (Poland), B. Bennett (USA).

1997 Reflections of Body Composition Studies

Lecturers: L. Brant (USA), H. Greil (Germany), G. Hauser (Austria), G. Heyden (Sweden), M. Heyden (Sweden), A. Horska (Czech Republic), D.F. Roberts (UK), W.A. Stini (USA), T. Talluri (Italy), T. Tomazo Ravnik (Slovenia), U. Trippo (Germany), A. Wittmann (Austria), D. Zerbo (Slovenia), M. Vidovič (Slovenia).

1997 The Study of Forced Migration Psychological, Legal, Humanitarian and Anthropological Interventions

Lecturers: G.T. Al-Omari (Jordan), G.T. Anderson (Norway), B. Bennett (USA), J. Carlarne (UK), M. Eastmond (Sweden), B.Harrell-Bond (UK), M. Hauswirth (Switzerland), M. Knežević (Croatia), K Koizumi (Japan), A. Kristensen (Norway), J.M. Lemaire (Belgium), K. Logghe (The Netherlands), A. Mikuš Kos (Slovenia), F.W. Rösing (Germany), V. Rudnev (Russia), K. Svenaeus (Sweden), S. Taylor (Australia). W. Tromp-Brattinga (The Netherlands), B. Tromp Rijks (The Netherlands), C.P. Tsering (The Representative of his Holiness the Dalai Lama), L. van Williegn (The Netherlands).

1996 Health, Disease, and Human Variation:The Transdisciplinary View of Human Population Biology

Lecturers: D.E. Crews (USA), D.I. Dufour (USA), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway)Y. Guangjun (China), G.J. Harper (USA), S. Hewner (USA), F.B. LeClere (USA), S. Lixin (China), S. Mukhopadhyay (India), T. Pollard (UK), T. Steegman (USA), S.J. Ulijaszek (UK), L. Wansheng (China).

1995 Growth and Development in the Changing World

Lecturers: B.C. Bennett (USA), B. Bogin (USA), N. Cameron (South Africa), Eiben (Hungary), P. B. Eveleth (USA), M. K. Gilliland (USA), H. Greil (Germany), G. Miličević (Croatia), Ž. Prebeg (Croatia), M. Prokopec (Czeska), D.F. Roberts (UK), P. Rudan (Croatia), O.G. Sun Liyi (China).

1994 Nutritional Anthropology

Lecturers: A. Kaić-Rak (Croatia), L.S. Lieberman (USA), C.K. Probart (USA), M. Roede (The Netherlands), P. Rudan (Croatia), N. Smolej-Narančić (Croatia), G. Ulbricht (Germany).

1993 Anthropology and Health

Lecturers: I. Abramović-Beck (Croatia), H. Greil (Germany), V. Jovanović (Croatia), Z. Jurčić (Croatia), G. Miličević (Croatia), M. Mustać (Croatia), J. Palsson (Iceland), S.A. Penda (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), N. Smolej-Narančić (Croatia), T. Škarić-Jurić (Croatia), M. Vidovič (Slovenia), M. Živičnjak (Croatia).

1992 Who is Normal? Perspectives on Health and Human Variation

Lecturers: L.A. Bennett (USA), L.J. Brant (USA), J. Bruckner (USA), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway) P.H. Gebhard (USA), R.L. Hall (USA), P.L. Jamison (USA), L.S. Lieberman (USA), B. Meier (USA), R.J. Meier (USA), C. Probart (USA), P. Rudan (Croatia), S.Y. Samson (USA), C. Sorenson (USA), M. Vidović (Slovenia).

1990 Demography and Physiology of Aging

Lecturers: C. Barth (West Germany), K.W. Collins (UK), D.E. Crews (USA), M. Drobna (Czechoslovakia), I. Drobny (Czechoslovakia), O. Eiben (Hungary), C. Erhard (Austria), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), H. Greil (East Germany), K. Hajniš (Czechoslovakia), S. Hawlik (Austria), U. Jaeger (Germany), T. Kortvelyessy (USA), H. Krasničanova (Czechoslovakia), L. Lhotska (Czechoslovakia), H. Mala (Czechoslovakia), S. Medenilla (W. Germany), E. Nowak (Poland), J. Parizkova (Czechoslovakia), J. Piontek (Poland), M. Pospišil (Czechoslovakia), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia), P. Rudan (Croatia), W.A. Stini (USA), H. Zlamalova (Czechoslovakia).

1989 Current Topics in Human Ecology

Lecturers: L.A. Bennett (USA), W. Bernhard (Norway), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), M.F. Lethbridge (USA), L. Lhotska (Czechoslovakia), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia), P. Rudan (Croatia), H. Sieben (Germany), S.M. Špoljar (Croatia), N. Wolanski (Poland).

1988 Biocultural Antecedents to Alcoholism

Lecturers: L.A. Bennett (USA), P. Cook (USA), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), F. Hannah (USA), M.B. Kendall (USA), B. Karmakar (India), M.F. Lethbridge (USA), R.J. Meier (USA), B. Meier (USA), J. Miličić (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), S. M. Špoljar (Croatia).

1987 Anthropological and Medical Approaches in the Study of Goiters

Lecturers: G. Bellis (France), J. Bisset (France), D. Bonavita (France), N. Borot (France), E. Brown-Demonet (France), M.H. Cazes (France),A. Chaventre (France), D. Hermes (France), V. Hertrich (France), B. Karmakar (India), M.F. Lethbridge (USA), Y. Liu (China), M. Poisson (France), A. P. Richard (France), A. Roth (Switzerland), F. Roux (France), P. Rudan (Croatia).

1986 Native Populations of the Arctic and Subarctic

Lecturers: J. Balslev (Denmark), L.A. Bennett (USA), L. Bernard (Canada), N. Broadbent (Sweden), Y. Bromley (USSR), H.H. Draper (Canada), A. Eriksson (The Netherlands), H. Forsius (Finland), C. Goodson-Jamison (USA), Hahn (USA), J. Halpern (USA), P. L. Jamison (USA), S.H. Katz (USA), M.F. Lethbridge (USA), L. Lhotska (Czechoslovakia), Y. Liu (China), M.A. Mackey (Canada), J. Malaurie (France), J. Mayhall (Canada), R.J. Meier (USA), F.A. Milan (USA), A. Kandler (Iceland), J. Palsson (Iceland), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia), D.W. Rennie (USA), P. Rudan (Croatia), W.J. Schull (USA), H.T. Sjovold (Sweden), E. E. Szathmary (Canada), T.K. Young (Canada), S.L. Zegura (USA), K. Zvanich-Young (USA), A.B. Way (USA).

1985 Historical Processes and Human Demography

Lecturers: P.T. Baker (USA), L.A. Bennett (USA), L. Bondioli (Italy), A. Coppa (Italy), M. Danubio (Italy), D.K. Evans (USA), A. Herring (Canada), L.B. Jorde (USA), E. Kuczynski (Poland), S. Kunitz (USA), M.F. Lethbridge (USA), L. Lhotska (Czechoslovakia), Y. Liu (China), R. Macchiarelli (Italy), J. Marill (USA), N. Mascie-Taylor (UK), J.H. Mielke (USA), R.S. Miendl (USA), J. Nemeskeri (Hungary), R. Perisonius (The Netherlands), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia), D.F. Roberts (UK), P. Rudan (Croatia), D. F. Roberts (UK), S. Sherren (UK), M.T. Smith (UK), G. Spedini (Italy), A. Swedlund (USA), Wolanski (Poland).

1984 Biological and Sociocultural Contributions

Lecturers: M. Agar (USA), L.A. Bennett (USA), L. Bradshaw (USA), P. Conrad (USA), N. Čugalj (USA), D. K. Evans (USA), J. Gilbert (USA), J. Halpern (USA), G. Hauser (Austria), B. Kerewsky-Halpern (USA), M.F. Lethbridge (USA), L. Lhotska (Czechoslovakia), Y. Liu (China), R. Lobban (USA), P.E. Lund (Denmark), D. Madianou (Greece), K. McDermott (USA), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia), O. Rickards (Italy), D.F. Roberts (UK), P. Rudan (Croatia), D. Slesinger (USA), P. Slesinger (USA), A.K. Stapnes (Norway), B. VanDen Eynden (Belgium), E. Wellin (USA).

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