• President

  • Members

Ivan Dolanc, Professional Associate, Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

Igor Filipčić, M.D., PhD, Psychiatric Hospital “Sveti Ivan”, Zagreb

Morana Jarec, PhD, Professional Associate, Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

Mario Novak, PhD, Scientific Associate, Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

Dario Rahelić, M.D., PhD, Clinical Hospital “Dubrava”, Zagreb

The Ethics Committee of the Institute for Anthropological Research receives the applications for the ethical approval of non-clinical anthropological research involving human subjects, material and data. The aim of the Ethics Committee is to review and assess the proposed projects, and to identify ethical issues and take care that all ethical obligations towards participants in the project have been addressed in a satisfactory manner. Proposed research objectives, methods and expected results should be an expression of universal ethical values and should follow international and local legal standards in order to ensure the protection of the dignity, rights and well-being of the research participants as well as the preservation of local community values and customs.