28th August to 1st September 2018

Venue: Hotel Sheraton, Zagreb

More information, submission of abstracts and registration: PPA2018

The main theme of the 22nd European Meeting of Paleopathology Association is the use of state-of-the-art methods and techniques such as various bio-molecular and bio-chemical analyses in diagnosis of diseases and various other pathological conditions in past populations. Furthermore, the special attention will be given to the importance of paleopathological studies in a modern environment.

Each day during the scientific program (29th – 31st August 2018) three consecutive sessions (nine sessions in total) will take place. Each of the sessions will be dedicated to different topics within the field of paleopathology.

The proposed main session topics are:

  1. Parasites and infections
  2. Joint diseases
  3. General health and metabolic diseases
  4. Skeletal trauma and violence
  5. Use of state-of-the-art methods and techniques in paleopathology
  6. Dento-alveolar health
  7. Paleopathology of children
  8. Paleopathology and its role in a modern world
  9. Miscellaneous

Additionally, three symposia with invited speakers will take place during the conference. Each of the symposia will deal with different topics and their titles are “Source combination in paleopathology. Paleopathography at the frontier between history and medicine”, “The ecology of climate change and infectious diseases: a gateway between past and present”, and “Anthropology of violence – soldiers, warriors and everyday life”. A workshop titled “Paleoradiology meets clinical radiology” will take place at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb.

Programme of the 22nd Europan Meeting of the Paleopathology Association

Some photos form PPA2018: