Škole biološke antropologije

2017. New Horizons in Anthropology

Lecturers: L. Bennett (USA), B. Chiarelli (Italy), R. Deka (USA), F. Grigorescu (France), S. Pääbo (Germany), R. Villems (Estonia)

2016. New Findings from Vindija Cave

Lecturers: S. Pääbo (Germany), K. Prüfer (Germany), T. Higham (UK), I. Karavanić (Croatia), M. Meyer (Germany), M. Hajdinjak (Germany)

2015. Longitudinal Studies in Holistic Anthropological Approach

Lecturers: D. Barbieri (Italy), F. Grigorescu (France), S. Koziel (Poland), C. Lautier (France)

2014. Interactions between Archaic and Modern Humans

Lecturers: J.-J. Hublin (Germany), B. Viola (Germany), M. Stoneking (Germany), K. Prüfer (Germany), J. Kelso (Germany), P. Korlević (Germany), S. Pääbo (Germany).

2013. Anthropology of Adolescence

Lecturers: N. Cameron (UK), J. Tutkuviene (Lithuania), M. Roelants (Belgium), S. Koziel (Poland), M. Bigec (Slovenia), D. Barbieri (Italy).

2011. Current Research on Palaeolithic in Southern and Central Europe

Lecturers: G. Boschian (Italy), B. Kavur (Slovenia), D. Mihailović (Serbia), J. Svoboda (Czech Republic).

2010. The Vindija Neandertals and their Place in History

Lecturers: T. Maričić (Germany), M. Meyer (Germany), S. Pääbo (Germany), S. Rankin (Germany), B. Viola (Germany).

2010. Anthropology-Transition in the Paradigm: Population Study to the Search for Disease Genes

Lecturers: D.M. Behar (Israel), R. Deka (USA), R. Karns (USA), G. Pepe (Italy), M. Stoneking (Germany).

2009. Biological Anthropology of Health in the 21st Century: From Describing Variation to Understanding  Determinants

Lecturers: N. Cameron (UK), R. Deka (USA), E. Demerath (USA), L.S. Lieberman (USA), N. Mascie-Taylor (UK), S. McGarvey (USA), M. Roelants (Belgium), L. Schell (USA), Z. Sheppard (UK).

2009. Advances in Human Evolutionary Research

Lecureres: F.H. Smith (USA), M. Teschler-Nikola (Austria), P. Gunz (Germany), P. Mitteroecker (Austria), B. Viola (Austria)

2008. Current Issues in Paleoanthropology: From Bones to DNA

Lecturers: S. Pääbo (Germany), J.J. Hublin (Germany), M. Richards (Germany), M. Stoneking (Germany)

2006. Biological, Cultural and Environmental Linkages: Current Research and Future Trends

Lecturers: L.S. Lieberman (USA), J. Bindon (USA), B. Bogin (USA), M.I. Varela-Silva (USA), B. Campbell (USA), D. Crews (USA), S. McGarvey (USA)

2005. Emerging Era of High Throughput in Population Genetics

Lecturers: R. Deka (USA), P.A. Underhill (USA), R. Villems (Estonia), L. Zhivotosvkiy (Russia).

2004. Molecular Genetics in the Study of Human Evolution and Diversity

Lecturers: L.L. Cavalli-Sforza (USA), T. Kivisild (Estonia), A. Torroni (Italy), D.M. Behar (Israel), K. Majamaa (Finland), O. Semino (Italy), P.A. Underhill (USA), E.-Liis Loogvali (Estonia), E. Metspalu (Estonia), E. Pennarun (Estonia), R. Villems (Estonia).

2003. Recent Insights into Genetic Basis of Human Disease

Lecturers: N. Hastie (UK), A. Wright (UK), H. Campbell (UK).

2003. European Prehistory in Anthropological Perspective

Lecturers: P. Miracle (UK), J. Robb (UK), M. L. Sorensen (UK).

2001. Anthropology and Population Genetics

Lecturers: R. Chakraborty (USA), R. Deka (USA), L. Jin (USA).

2000. Molecular Genetics and Human Evolution

Lecturers: R. Villems (Estonia), W. Scheffrahn (Switzerland), A. Chaventre (France).

1998. Current Topics in European Anthropology

Lecturers: H. Seidler (Austria), M. Teschler-Nicola (Austria), F. Rösing (Germany), R. Villems (Estonia), G.F. De Stefano (Italy).

1997. Anthropology and Epidemiology – Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Iodide Deficiency Disorders (IDD)

Lecturers: A. Chaventre (France), F. Roux (France), J. Arnaud (France), M. De Braekeleer (Canada), G. Mayer (France), A. Pitté (Cote d’Ivoire), Y. Ingenbleek (France), P. Kouamé (Cote d’Ivoire), I. Dilumbu (France), A. Assouan (France), F. Roux (France), G. Bellis (France), D. Franke (Germany), F. Le Moigne (France).

1996. Sitting Posture – Ergonomic Approach

Lecturers: H.W. Jürgens (Germany), H. Greil (Germany), K. Christiansen (Germany), E. Fubini (Italy), I. Schröder (Germany).

1995. Anthropology and Genetic Disease

Lecturers: D.F. Roberts (Great Britain), M. De Braekeleer (Canada), A. Chaventre (France), N. Borot (France), B. Mine (France), G. Bellis (France), G. Mayer (France), D. Lacombe (France), J.Y. Daniel (France), C. Ferec (France).

1994. Health Services to Immigrant and Refugee Population: Patient and Provider: Cross Cultural Perspective

Lecturers: A. Nudelman (Israel), A. Rebić (Croatia), N. Foighel (Denmark), M.M. Eisenbruch (France), J.M. Halpern (USA), A. Chaventre (France), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), J.J. Jackman (USA).

1993. Current Topics in Historical Anthropology

Lecturers: W. Bernhard (Germany), H. Seidler (Austria), F. W. Rösing (Germany), S. Lehmkühler (Germany), A. Chaventre (France), J.O.P. Palsson (Iceland), M.K. Gilliland Olsen (USA), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway).

1993. Bread – Milk –Water

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), D. Matasović (Croatia), J. Grgurić (Croatia), V. Oberiter (Croatia), R. Živković (Croatia), I. Vodopija (Croatia), S. Šobot (Croatia).

1992. Women and Anthropology – Implications of Gender for Health

Lecturers: M. Roede (The Netherlands), E. Morgan (UK), A.M. Tillier (France), E. Iregren (Sweden), L. Rosetta (France), P.H. Jongbloet (The Netherlands), L.M. Serpenti (The Netherlands), M.K. Gilliland Olsen (USA), V. Rudan (Croatia), I. Ploeg (The Netherlands), C.M. Pond (G. Britain), M.J. Reyners (The Netherlands), C.K. Probart (USA), L.S. Lieberman (USA), C. Prado-Martinez (Spain), E. de Leeuw (The Netherlands).

1992. Nutrition during the War and Postwar Period

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), L. Szirovicza (Croatia), K. Telebec (Croatia), D. Kocijan (Croatia), S. Kolaček (Croatia), R. Živković (Croatia), J. Vodopija (Croatia), D. Matasović (Croatia), L. Štilinović (Croatia), V. Mihoković (Croatia), A. Kaić-Rak (Croatia), I. Devčić (Croatia).

1990. Human Ecology and Anthropology: Lessons for the Twenty-First Century

Lecturers: L.S. Lieberman (USA), G.J. Armelagos (USA), J.R. Bindon (USA), K.M. Weiss (USA), F.E. Johnston (USA), L.M. Schell (USA), H. Greil (Germany), N. Wolanski (Poland).

1989. Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology – A Cross Cultural Perspective

Lecturers: C.C. Plato (USA), B.A. Nikityuk (USSR), W. Wetelecki (USA), L.J. Brant (USA), K.C. Malhotra (India), B. Wenfang (China), B. Schaumann (USA), R.M. Garruto (USA), N. Fujiki (Japan).

1988. Nutrition of the Elderly

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), S. Knežević (Croatia), R. Živković (Croatia), R. Buzina (Croatia), A. Budak (Croatia), L.S. Lieberman (USA), A. Stavljenić (Croatia), I. Kulijer (Croatia), J. Jeličić (Croatia).

1987. Growth and Development

Lecturers: Ch. Susanne (Belgium), R. Hauspie (Belgium), O.G. Eiben (Hungary), M. Roede (The Netherlands), G. Lindgren (Sweden), G. De Stefano (Italy), N. Wolanski (Poland).

1986. The Epidemiological Significance of Increased Average Life Expectancies in Human Populations

Lecturers: W.A. Stini (USA), W. Ross (Canada), J. Parizkova (Czechoslovakia), C.C. Plato (USA), O.G. Eiben (Hungary), L. Vargas (Mexico), E.J. Clegg (G. Britain), W. Bernhard (Germany).

1985. Rapid Modernization and Human Biology

Lecturers: P.T. Baker (USA), M.H. Crawford (USA), T. Bielicki (Poland), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia), A. Basu (India), D.F. Roberts (G. Britain).

1984. Human Biological Research and the Developing Countries

Lecturers: J. Huizinga (The Netherlands), F.E. Johnston (USA), G.A. Harrison (G. Britain), E. Crognier (France), J. Van Ee (The Netherlands), H. Pagezy (France), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia).

1983. Working Ability and Nutrition

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), M. Carić (Croatia), S. Vidašek (Croatia), R. Buzina (Croatia), D. Taboršak (Croatia), R. Medved (Croatia), M. Mirilov (Croatia).

1982. Dermatoglyphics in Anthropology – Approaches and Methods

Lecturers: A.G. De Wilde (The Netherlands), J. Mavalwala (Canada), A. Leguebe (Belgium), V.P. Chopra (Germany), E.R. Iagolnitzer (France), G. Aue-Hauser (Austria), K.C. Malhotra (India).

1981. Human Biological Studies of Small Populations in Western Eurasia: Some Methodological Approaches

Lecturers: E. Sunderland (G. Britain), J.H. Mielke (USA), Ph. Lefevre-Witier (France), J. Constans (France), G. Floris (Italy), A.A. Voronov (USSR), H. Walter (Germany), A. Valls (Spain).

1980. Anthropology and Genetics

Lecturers: D.F. Roberts (G. Britain), A.W. Eriksson (The Netherlands), L. Rivat-Peran (France), E. Coop (G. Britain), Y.G. Rychkov (USSR), J. Ruffie (France), A. Chaventre (France).

1979. Child and Environment

Lecturers: N. Wolanski (Poland), P.T. Baker (USA), S.W. Tromp (The Netherlands), N. Alexeeva (USSR), H. Chrzastek-Spruch (Poland), Ch. Susanne (Belgium).

1978. Factors of Variation in Growth and Development

Lecturers: J. Hiernaux (France), J. Tanner (G. Britain), J. Van Wieringen (The Netherlands), T. Bielicki (Poland), J. Parizkova (Czechoslovakia), N. Miklashevskaia (USSR).

1977. General Topics in Anthropology

Lecturers: G. Olivier (France), D.F. Roberts (G. Britain), R. Knussmann (Germany), N. Wolanski (Poland).

1976. General Topics in Anthropology

Lecturers: T. Varićak (Croatia), B. Chiarelli (Italy), N. Wolanski (Poland), G. Olivier (France), M. Cresta (Italy), C. Brook (G. Britain), R. Rath (Czechoslovakia), J.V.G.A. Durnin (G. Britain), J. Parizkova (Czechoslovakia).

1975. General Topics in Anthropology

Lecturers: G. Olivier (France), J. Hiernaux (France), M. Cresta, B. Chiarelli (Italy).