Name and surname: Jelena Seferović

Gsm.: +385 (0)91 754 56 99



  • 2012. – 2017. PhD programme in Humanities, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

The aim of the doctoral dissertation Constructions of gender identity among female residents in homes for adults with mental illness is to analyze the process of self-actualization of women with mental disorders within the patriarchal system, ie to investigate whether and how mental disorders determined her gender roles and prevented her from further functioning in the non-institutional community.

  • 2002. – 2007. Professor of Fine Arts. Department of Art Education – Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb
  • 1996. – 2000. Painter. Luka Sorkočević Art School, Dubrovnik

Work experiences:

  • 2018. – 2020. Researcher. ERC Advance Grant project EIRENE – Post – war transitions in gendered perspective: The case of the North-Eastern Adriatic region. The project is funded by the European Research Council within the Horizon 2020 program. Project manager: Prof. Dr. Marta Verginella, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The aim of the project is to explore strategies for the social exclusion, inclusion and empowerment of women in the post-war transition periods (after 1918, 1945 and after the end of the war in the former Yugoslavia).

  • 2011. – 2017. Commercialist. S – ECO d.o.o. for trade and production of wood products, Dubrovnik
  • 2008. – 2011. Teacher. School for Children with Special Needs Gornje Prekrižje, Zagreb

Participation in scientific researches:

  • 2021. – Member of the research group. Working group (WG 2): The Mixed Economy of Welfare established as part of the Who cares in Europe? project. The project is funded by the European Research Network COST Action.

The aim of the project is to examine the relations between state social welfare organizations,informal volunteer actions and family members of social service users between the two world wars in Europe.

  • 2020. – Researcher. Solidarity Economy in Croatia: Anthropological perspective – SOLIDARAN. The project is funded by the Croatian Science Foundation. Project manager: Olga Orlić, PhD, Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

The aim of the research is to shed light on the policies of the solidarity economy in Croatia with regard to its status as a transition country, and in the context of the dominant paradigms of solidarity in the pre-socialist, socialist and post-socialist period.

  • 2020. – Researcher. The role of the mother and the experience of parental competence of mothers with impaired mental health (MIMOZE). Inter-institutional project of the Institute for Anthropological Research and Psychiatric Hospital “St. Ivan” in Zagreb. Project manager: Ass. Prof. Eva Anđela Delale, PhD – Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

The aim of the project is to explore the experience of the parental role of women with impaired mental health and the representation of their parental role in the archives of the hospital.

  • 2018. – Researcher. Cultural history of psychiatry in Southeastern Europe. The project is funded by the Bavarian Academic Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Bavarian Research Alliance. Project manager: Ass. Prof. Heike Karge, PhD – Institute of History, University of Regensburg, Germany

The aim of the research is to analyze the history of psychiatric institutions in Southeast Europe in the first half of the 20th century in the context of the then political and socio-economic circumstances.

Organizational skills and competencies:

  • 2020. Participation in the preparation of courses for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anthropology and Human Genetics at the University of Pula. Courses: Fundamentals of Sociocultural Anthropology, Field Research in Anthropology and Sociocultural Anthropology in Health and Disease Research. Institute of Anthropology, Zagreb
  • 2020. Participation in the formulation of a questionnaire for the application of the Slovenian-Croatian project Developmental Programming of Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes to the competition of the Croatian Science Foundation (IPS-2020-01). Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb
  • 2020. Member of the Organizing Committee. XV International Congress of Auxology, Šibenik
  • 2014. – 2017. Project manager. Improving the quality of dental care in the Home for adults with mental illness Lobor – Grad. The project was implemented with the support of the Office of the Ombudsman for People with Disabilities, Zagreb
  • 2015. Member of the Organizing Committee. Third Scientific Meeting of Postgraduate Doctoral Students in Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb

Research interests: history of psychiatry and social welfare, history of everyday life of people with mental disorders and intellectual disabilities, history of women’s humanitarian work, anthropology of sexuality, anthropology of childhood and youth, rural anthropology

Teaching experience:

  • 2007. – 2010. External associate. Conducting art workshops within the course Creative Therapy, Department of Motor Disorders, Chronic Diseases and Art Therapies, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, University of Zagreb

List of published scientific papers:

  1. Seferović, Jelena (2021) “Teaching the history of psychosocial consequences of sexual violence in the context of female psychiatric patients”. Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, Taylor & Francis Group, 43(2), pp. 119-141
  2. Musić Milanović, Sanja; Lang Marović, Maja; Križan, Helena; Pezer, Martina; Seferović, Jelena; Missoni, Saša (2020): “Exploring the effect of socioeconomic development on child growth in posttransitional Croatia: a cross-sectional study”. International journal of public health, Springer, 65(4), pp. 1299-1307
  3. Seferović, Jelena (2020): “Reflection of the (In)power of Men in the Context of Post-War Everyday Life of Croatian War Veterans with Mental Disorders from World War I”. Synthesis philosophica, Hrvatsko filozofsko društvo, 35(1), pp. 25-44
  4. Seferović, Jelena (2019): Contribution to Research of Girlhood after the First World War: an example of Girls with Mental Disorders from rural areas of Continental Croatia”, Prilozi, Institut za historiju u Sarajevu, 48, p.p. 177-210
  5. Seferović, Jelena (2019): “Historical Development of the Institutionalisation of Vulnerable Groups: an example of the Adult Shelter of the National Committee of the City of Zagreb, Filozofska istraživanja, Hrvatsko filozofsko društvo, 39(1), p.p. 159-170

Scientific paper in the publication process:

  1. Seferović, Jelena (2021): “Analysis of the presentation and interpretation of prostitution and prostituted women in the journal Ženski pokret”, Zbornik radova s konferencije “Časopis Ženski pokret”

Additional education:

  • 2015. – Gestalt Psychotherapy, Center IGW, Zagreb
  • 2012. – 2014. Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy, Dugan d.o.o., Varaždin

Foreign language:

English active in speech and writing.

Digital competence:

Knowledge of basic software packages to work on a computer.