The Laboratory is specialized in various types of molecular-anthropological analyses, including population-genetic analyses, analyses of migration processes at regional and global levels, as well as applied molecular-anthropological analyses within the forensic science and genetic analyses in the field of sport and nutrition.

One of the key activities of the Laboratory will be associated with a molecular-genetic personalized approach to obesity such as the examination of genetic markers, treatment and prevention of obesity in the Croatian population. Testing of the genetic predisposition for obesity and healthy aging, by using molecular-genetic approach and standard medical-anthropological procedures, will be further used for developing a set of guidelines for proper nutrition and physical activity.

The most important equipment of the laboratory:

  • Illumina MiSeq System SY-410-1003
    • The MiSeq system of the Centre for Applied Bioanthropology is intended for focused applications such as targeted sequencing of various genes, metagenomics, sequencing of small genomes, and targeted gene expression.It is possible to achieve up to 15 Gb of output with 25 million reads and a read length of 2 x 300 base pairs.
  • Agilent AriaMx Real-Time PCR System 5
    • The AriaMx Real-Time PCR system is a fully integrated qPCR equipement for amplification, detection, and data analysis, combining a novel thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with LED excitation source, and comprehensive data analysis software. AriaMx has a closed-tube PCR detection format and can be used with many fluorescence detection chemistries, including SYBR Green and EvaGreen dyes, and fluorogenic probe systems such as TaqMan. In tehe Laboratory for Molecular Anthropology Aria has wide research reange and applicability.

Head of Laboratory for Molecular Anthropology: Dubravka Havaš Auguštin, PhD

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