On Monday, May 28th, at 9.30 am, the Ministry of Science and Education held a ceremony of signing 17 grant agreements within the call “Investing in organizational reform and infrastructure of the research, development and innovation sector” funded by the European Fund for Development regional development. This is the largest investment in scientific infrastructure and equipment in the last ten years, and one of the approved projects is the project “Center for Applied Bioantropology” of the Institute for Anthropological Institute led by Saša Missoni, PhD. This project, worth more than 26 million kuna, represents the largest and the most important project of the Institute so far, since it involves the construction of four new laboratories (the Laboratory for Molecular Anthropology, the Laboratory for Bioarheology, the Laboratory for Chemical Analytics and the Laboratory for Microbial Ecology) in the existing premises of the Institute. This project will enable the implementation of high quality scientific research at the Institute and further enhance the collaboration with international institutions and submissions of significant international projects, all with the aim of securing the competitiveness of the Institute in the European Research Area. City of Zagreb and the Health Center Zagreb-Center are project associates as well and they will investigate risk factors for obesity development and develop intervention and prevention programs for the improvement of patient’s health together with the Institute, within the project. Therefore, not only the scientific community, but the general Croatian population as well will benefit from the “Center for Applied Bioanthropology”and from the activities of the Institute for Anthropological Research in general.