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Educational and Academic Degrees:

2011. Master of psychology. Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Croatia.
2008. The first bachelor’s degree in psychology (baccalaurea). Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Professional training:

2013 Practice from Behavioral-Cognitive Therapies I. Croatian Society for Behavioral-Cognitive Therapy. Zagreb Croatia.
2012 Education Wartegg test drawings. Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy. Zagreb Croatia.
2012 Professional Exam. Croatian Psychological Chamber. Zagreb Croatia.

Work experience:

2017. Scientific novice / assistant. Institute of Anthropology, Zagreb, Department of Psychological Research
2013. Professional associate psychologist. Sesvete High School. Zagreb Croatia. 2012. Preparatory at Pediatric Clinic KBC Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
2012. Preparatory at the Center for Crisis of KBC Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.
2011. Volunteer at the Oko Association, Zagreb, Croatia.
2010. Volunteer at the Children’s Home Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.
2010. Professional Practice. Center for Crisis Situations KBC Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia.

Current projects:

2017 – 2018. CRIBS: Cohort study of Eastern Adriatic islands. Established research project of the Croatian Foundation for Science (UIP-09-2014).

Research Interest: Collection and Analysis of Psychological Questionnaires and Tests, Evolutionary Psychology, Biological Psychology