The Laboratory will be specialized in the implementation of various types of bioarchaeological analyses, including taxonomic and phylogenetic, and various evolutionary aspects, as well as the preparation of human bone material for various types of analyses (e.g. sampling for ancient DNA analysis etc.). The preparation involves the cleaning, drying and inventorying of bone samples from the archaeological context, while standard analysis includes the determination of taphonomic characteristics, sex and age at the time of death, minimum number of individuals in case of mass burials, paleopathological and dental analyses, determination of metric and non-metric characteristics and height reconstruction. Also, the Laboratory will take samples to be sent abroad for further analyses (C14, aDNA). The Laboratory for Evolutionary Anthropology and Bioarchaeology will collaborate with the Laboratory for Chemical Analytics, in particular on the analyses of stable isotopes (carbon, nitrogen) for the purpose of reconstruction of diet of various archaeological populations.