Eastern Adriatic Coast and Islands Research Group of the Institute for Anthropological Research sistematically carries out interdisciplinary anthropological research of Eastern Adriatic islands and coast, cooperating with numerous colleagues from Croatia and foreign countries.
In 1972 intensive scientific research activities started on the island of Hvar and later included other Adriatic islands as well. Systematic field work is carried out on the islands of Hvar, Korčula, Silba, Elaphites, Olib, Pag, Brač, Rab, Cres, Lošinj, Krk, Mljet and Vis, as well as the Peljašac and Istria peninsulas but also in other parts of the Eastern Adriatic coast.
Scientific Workgroup for Anthropological Research of Eastern Adriatic Islands and Coast was founded based on the conclusion of the 1st special session of the Scientific Council of the Institute for Anthropological Research on February 2, 2011, and was confirmed by the Governing Board on its 30th session on February 23, 2011. Head of the workgroup is professor Anita Sujoldžić, PhD.