Ana Perinić Lewis, Ph.D. and academic Pavao Rudan wrote the chapter “Two islands in one – the Island of Hvar” in the new book about Croatian islands “The Notion of Near Islands. The Croatian Archipelago” edited by Nenad Starc ( Lanham, Boulder, New York, London: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Series: Rethinking the Island, 2020, 296 pages; hardback and e-book edition)

The main theme of this book is the exploration of the meanings of near islands, of the archipelago. General and particular features of 1,246 islands of the Croatian archipelago are starting points of stories about particular islands, subarchipelagos and urban archipelagos. The chapters question and analyse the archipelago identity from different perspectives. Approached as a group of islands, the analysis investigates features of subarchipelagos, urban subarchipelagos, mainland dependent islands, outlying islands and island emigrant communities that are trying to restore and conserve their island. This book highlights the identity and identities of the archipelago as both complex and multidimensional. (Publisher’s note)

In the 8th chapter, authors Perinić Lewis and Rudan discuss the division of island space, real and imaginary boundaries, migrations, identifications, and representations of local identities on the island of Hvar from the anthropological perspective.