A new paper entitled “A Generation Shift in Mediterranean Diet Adherence and Its Association with Biological Markers and Health in Dalmatia, Croatia” by Jelena Šarac, Dubravka Havaš Auguštin, Mario Lovrić, Sarah Stryeck, Iva Šunić, Natalija Novokmet and Saša Missoni was published in the international scientific journal Nutrients (IF 5,719, Q1). (https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/13/12/4564).

The paper is based on a comparison of two cohorts of respondents from Dalmatia and the connection between the Mediterranean diet and age and lipid profile and smoking of the respondents was determined. Despite the well-known positive effects of the Mediterranean diet on health, it has been observed that it is less and less consumed, especially by the young, reproductively active generation.