Individualized approach in the prediction of type 2 diabetes onset and development (IRI) (KK.

New project is funded by European Fund for Regional Development (KK. in period from 17. 08. 2020 till 17. 08. 2023.

Our associates are Medilab ONE and Genos. Associates from Institute for Anthropological Research are Saša Missoni, PhD, Vedrana Škaro, PhD, and Petar Projić, PhD.

The project is an industrial research aimed at developing an individualized screening service for high-risk patients, based on the plasma glycome. The final product will be a developed test with identified molecular structures that suggest the development of type 2 diabetes in patients with no signs of the disease. This product will predict the time period in which diabetes will develop from a pre-diabetes stage, and will include recommendations of “lifestyle habits” that permanently or temporarily delay the disease onset and development (dietary habits – preferably based on menus developed individually according to the metabolic characteristics of high-risk patients and physical activity/exercise). Through this project, glycan and protein biomarkers for the development of type 2 diabetes and the impact of lifestyle habits on the prolongation of the period in which the disease occurs will be investigated.