School of Biological Anthropology “Hubert Maver”

The School of Biological Anthropology was held for the first time in November 1975 on the precincts of the Croatian Medical Association, which hosted the School ever since. Because of this fact and because of the need to attract attention, give an overview and find answers to a range of issues and challenges that anthropology as a science faces today, the School was created with an idea to provide an opportunity for permanent education in biological anthropology.

Such education is necessary primarily to medical doctors and specialists of diverse profiles, but to biologists and anthropologists as well. Because many research issues as well as findings in modern biological anthropology are actually directly related to everyday life there has been a great need for coordinated and continuous work in this field.

The initiative for organizing Schools for Biological Anthropology came from a group of anthropologists in the Croatian Medical Association and the Institute for Medical Research in Zagreb in 1975. It got an even greater support in 1977 when the Croatian Anthropological Society was founded.

Another great encouragement to the development of biological anthropology and anthropology in general in Croatia was the publishing of the scientific anthropological journal Collegium Antropologicum. This journal has been published regularly since 1977 by Croatian Anthropological Society, Institute for Anthropological Research, Croatian Association for Medical Anthropology of the Croatian Medical Association, Commission for Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology as well as International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences.

What makes the work of the School of Biological Anthropology so important is the fact that in addition to numerous Croatian anthropologists many world known biological anthropologists have participated in its work since the very beginning. Already at the first School of Biological Anthropology in 1975 the speakers included Prof. J. Hiernaux (Paris), Prof. G. Olivier (Paris), Prof. N. Wolanski (Warszawa) and Prof. B. Chiarelli (Torino). This tradition has been maintained throughout the years and at the 30th School Prof. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (Stanford, SAD), Prof. Peter Undrhill (Stanford, SAD), Prof. Richard Villems (Estonia), Thomas Kiviisild (Estonia), Majamaa Kari (Finska), Doron M. Behar (Izrael), Ornela Semino (Italija) and Antonio Torroni (Italija) presented their work.

List of scientific symposia held so far:

2018.  Disease and Health in Past Populations – Global Trends and Perspectives

Lecturers: Jane Buikstra (SAD), Francesco Galassi (Švicarska), Piers Mitchell (UK), György Pálfi (Mađarska)

2017 New Horizons in Anthropology

Lecturers: L. Bennett (USA), B. Chiarelli (Italy), R. Deka (USA), F. Grigorescu (France), S. Pääbo (Germany), R. Villems (Estonia)

2016 New Findings from Vindija Cave

Lecturers: S. Pääbo (Germany), K. Prüfer (Germany), T. Higham (UK), I. Karavanić (Croatia), M. Meyer (Germany), M. Hajdinjak (Germany)

2015 Longitudinal Studies in Holistic Anthropological Approach

Lecturers: D. Barbieri (Ferrara, Italy), F. Grigorescu (Montpellier, France), S. Koziel (Wroclaw, Poland), C. Lautier (Montpellier, France)

2014 Interactions between Archaic and Modern Humans

Lecturers: J.-J. Hublin (Leipzig, Germany), B. Viola (Leipzig, Germany), M. Stoneking (Leipzig, Germany), K. Prüfer (Leipzig, Germany), J. Kelso (Leipzig, Germany), P. Korlević (Leipzig, Germany), S. Pääbo (Leipzig, Germany).

2013 Anthropology of Adolescence

Lecturers: N. Cameron (Leicestershire, UK), J. Tutkuviene (Vilnius, Lithuania), M. Roelants (Leuven, Belgium), S. Koziel (Wroclaw, Poland), M. Bigec (Maribor, Slovenia), D. Barbieri (Ferrara, Italy).

2011 Current Research on Palaeolithic in Southern and Central Europe

Lecturers: G. Boschian (Pisa, Italy), B. Kavur (Koper, Slovenia), D. Mihailović (Belgrade, Serbia), J. Svoboda (Brno, Czech Republic).

2010 The Vindija Neandertals and their Place in History

Lecturers: T. Maričić (Leipzig, Germany), M. Meyer (Leipzig, Germany), S. Pääbo (Leipzig, Germany), S. Rankin (Leipzig, Germany), B. Viola (Leipzig, Germany).

2010 Anthropology-Transition in the Paradigm: Population Study to the Search for Disease Genes

Lecturers: D.M. Behar (Haifa, Israel), R. Deka (Cincinnati, USA), R. Karns (Cincinnati, USA), G. Pepe (Firenze, Italy), M. Stoneking (Leipzig, Germany).

2009 Biological Anthropology of Health in the 21st Century: From Describing Variation to Understanding  Determinants

Lecturers: N. Cameron (Leicestershire, UK), R. Deka (Cincinnati, USA), E. Demerath (Minneapolis, USA), L.S. Lieberman (Orlando, USA), N. Mascie-Taylor (Cambridge, UK), S. McGarvey (Providence, USA), M. Roelants (Leuven, Belgium), L. Schell (New York, USA), Z. Sheppard (Leicestershire, UK).

2009 Advances in Human Evolutionary Research

Lecureres: F.H. Smith (Normal, USA), M. Teschler-Nikola (Vienna, Austria), P. Gunz (Leipzig,Germany), P. Mitteroecker (Vienna, Austria), B. Viola (Vienna, Austria)

2008 Current Issues in Paleoanthropology: From Bones to DNA

Lecturers: S. Pääbo (Germany), J.J. Hublin (Germany), M. Richards (Germany), M. Stoneking (Germany)

2006 Biological, Cultural and Environmental Linkages: Current Research and Future Trends

Lecturers: L.S. Lieberman (USA), J. Bindon (USA), B. Bogin (USA), M.I. Varela-Silva (USA), B. Campbell (USA), D. Crews (USA), S. McGarvey (USA)

2005 Emerging Era of High Throughput in Population Genetics

Lecturers: R. Deka (USA), P.A. Underhill (USA), R. Villems (Estonia), L. Zhivotosvkiy (Russia).

2004 Molecular Genetics in the Study of Human Evolution and Diversity

Lecturers: L.L. Cavalli-Sforza (USA), T. Kivisild (Estonia), A. Torroni (Italy), D.M. Behar (Israel), K. Majamaa (Finland), O. Semino (Italy), P.A. Underhill (USA), E.-Liis Loogvali (Estonia), E. Metspalu (Estonia), E. Pennarun (Estonia), R. Villems (Estonia).

2003 Recent Insights into Genetic Basis of Human Disease

Lecturers: N. Hastie (UK), A. Wright (UK), H. Campbell (UK).

2003 European Prehistory in Anthropological Perspective

Lecturers: P. Miracle (UK), J. Robb (UK), M. L. Sorensen (UK).

2001 Anthropology and Population Genetics

Lecturers: R. Chakraborty (USA), R. Deka (USA), L. Jin (USA).

2000 Molecular Genetics and Human Evolution

Lecturers: R. Villems (Estonia), W. Scheffrahn (Switzerland), A. Chaventre (France).

1998 Current Topics in European Anthropology

Lecturers: H. Seidler (Austria), M. Teschler-Nicola (Austria), F. Rösing (Germany), R. Villems (Estonia), G.F. De Stefano (Italy).

1997 Anthropology and Epidemiology – Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Iodide Deficiency Disorders (IDD)

Lecturers: A. Chaventre (France), F. Roux (France), J. Arnaud (France), M. De Braekeleer (Canada), G. Mayer (France), A. Pitté (Cote d’Ivoire), Y. Ingenbleek (France), P. Kouamé (Cote d’Ivoire), I. Dilumbu (France), A. Assouan (France), F. Roux (France), G. Bellis (France), D. Franke (Germany), F. Le Moigne (France).

1996 Sitting Posture – Ergonomic Approach

Lecturers: H.W. Jürgens (Germany), H. Greil (Germany), K. Christiansen (Germany), E. Fubini (Italy), I. Schröder (Germany).

1995 Anthropology and Genetic Disease

Lecturers: D.F. Roberts (Great Britain), M. De Braekeleer (Canada), A. Chaventre (France), N. Borot (France), B. Mine (France), G. Bellis (France), G. Mayer (France), D. Lacombe (France), J.Y. Daniel (France), C. Ferec (France).

1994 Health Services to Immigrant and Refugee Population: Patient and Provider: Cross Cultural Perspective

Lecturers: A. Nudelman (Israel), A. Rebić (Croatia), N. Foighel (Denmark), M.M. Eisenbruch (France), J.M. Halpern (USA), A. Chaventre (France), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway), J.J. Jackman (USA).

1993 Current Topics in Historical Anthropology

Lecturers: W. Bernhard (Germany), H. Seidler (Austria), F. W. Rösing (Germany), S. Lehmkühler (Germany), A. Chaventre (France), J.O.P. Palsson (Iceland), M.K. Gilliland Olsen (USA), T.B. Fjeldheim (Norway).

1993 Bread – Milk –Water

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), D. Matasović (Croatia), J. Grgurić (Croatia), V. Oberiter (Croatia), R. Živković (Croatia), I. Vodopija (Croatia), S. Šobot (Croatia).

1992 Women and Anthropology – Implications of Gender for Health

Lecturers: M. Roede (The Netherlands), E. Morgan (UK), A.M. Tillier (France), E. Iregren (Sweden), L. Rosetta (France), P.H. Jongbloet (The Netherlands), L.M. Serpenti (The Netherlands), M.K. Gilliland Olsen (USA), V. Rudan (Croatia), I. Ploeg (The Netherlands), C.M. Pond (G. Britain), M.J. Reyners (The Netherlands), C.K. Probart (USA), L.S. Lieberman (USA), C. Prado-Martinez (Spain), E. de Leeuw (The Netherlands).

1992 Nutrition during the War and Postwar Period

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), P. Rudan (Croatia), L. Szirovicza (Croatia), K. Telebec (Croatia), D. Kocijan (Croatia), S. Kolaček (Croatia), R. Živković (Croatia), J. Vodopija (Croatia), D. Matasović (Croatia), L. Štilinović (Croatia), V. Mihoković (Croatia), A. Kaić-Rak (Croatia), I. Devčić (Croatia).

1990 Human Ecology and Anthropology: Lessons for the Twenty-First Century

Lecturers: L.S. Lieberman (USA), G.J. Armelagos (USA), J.R. Bindon (USA), K.M. Weiss (USA), F.E. Johnston (USA), L.M. Schell (USA), H. Greil (Germany), N. Wolanski (Poland).

1989 Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology – A Cross Cultural Perspective

Lecturers: C.C. Plato (USA), B.A. Nikityuk (USSR), W. Wetelecki (USA), L.J. Brant (USA), K.C. Malhotra (India), B. Wenfang (China), B. Schaumann (USA), R.M. Garruto (USA), N. Fujiki (Japan).

1988 Nutrition of the Elderly

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), S. Knežević (Croatia), R. Živković (Croatia), R. Buzina (Croatia), A. Budak (Croatia), L.S. Lieberman (USA), A. Stavljenić (Croatia), I. Kulijer (Croatia), J. Jeličić (Croatia).

1987 Growth and Development

Lecturers: Ch. Susanne (Belgium), R. Hauspie (Belgium), O.G. Eiben (Hungary), M. Roede (The Netherlands), G. Lindgren (Sweden), G. De Stefano (Italy), N. Wolanski (Poland).

1986 The Epidemiological Significance of Increased Average Life Expectancies in Human Populations

Lecturers: W.A. Stini (USA), W. Ross (Canada), J. Parizkova (Czechoslovakia), C.C. Plato (USA), O.G. Eiben (Hungary), L. Vargas (Mexico), E.J. Clegg (G. Britain), W. Bernhard (Germany).

1985 Rapid Modernization and Human Biology

Lecturers: P.T. Baker (USA), M.H. Crawford (USA), T. Bielicki (Poland), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia), A. Basu (India), D.F. Roberts (G. Britain).

1984 Human Biological Research and the Developing Countries

Lecturers: J. Huizinga (The Netherlands), F.E. Johnston (USA), G.A. Harrison (G. Britain), E. Crognier (France), J. Van Ee (The Netherlands), H. Pagezy (France), M. Prokopec (Czechoslovakia).

1983 Working Ability and Nutrition

Lecturers: H. Maver (Croatia), M. Carić (Croatia), S. Vidašek (Croatia), R. Buzina (Croatia), D. Taboršak (Croatia), R. Medved (Croatia), M. Mirilov (Croatia).

1982 Dermatoglyphics in Anthropology – Approaches and Methods

Lecturers: A.G. De Wilde (The Netherlands), J. Mavalwala (Canada), A. Leguebe (Belgium), V.P. Chopra (Germany), E.R. Iagolnitzer (France), G. Aue-Hauser (Austria), K.C. Malhotra (India).

1981 Human Biological Studies of Small Populations in Western Eurasia: Some Methodological Approaches

Lecturers: E. Sunderland (G. Britain), J.H. Mielke (USA), Ph. Lefevre-Witier (France), J. Constans (France), G. Floris (Italy), A.A. Voronov (USSR), H. Walter (Germany), A. Valls (Spain).

1980 Anthropology and Genetics

Lecturers: D.F. Roberts (G. Britain), A.W. Eriksson (The Netherlands), L. Rivat-Peran (France), E. Coop (G. Britain), Y.G. Rychkov (USSR), J. Ruffie (France), A. Chaventre (France).

1979 Child and Environment

Lecturers: N. Wolanski (Poland), P.T. Baker (USA), S.W. Tromp (The Netherlands), N. Alexeeva (USSR), H. Chrzastek-Spruch (Poland), Ch. Susanne (Belgium).

1978 Factors of Variation in Growth and Development

Lecturers: J. Hiernaux (France), J. Tanner (G. Britain), J. Van Wieringen (The Netherlands), T. Bielicki (Poland), J. Parizkova (Czechoslovakia), N. Miklashevskaia (USSR).

1977 General Topics in Anthropology

Lecturers: G. Olivier (France), D.F. Roberts (G. Britain), R. Knussmann (Germany), N. Wolanski (Poland).

1976 General Topics in Anthropology

Lecturers: T. Varićak (Croatia), B. Chiarelli (Italy), N. Wolanski (Poland), G. Olivier (France), M. Cresta (Italy), C. Brook (G. Britain), R. Rath (Czechoslovakia), J.V.G.A. Durnin (G. Britain), J. Parizkova (Czechoslovakia).

1975 General Topics in Anthropology

Lecturers: G. Olivier (France), J. Hiernaux (France), M. Cresta, B. Chiarelli (Italy).