Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • 2019. Certification Exam for professional Archivist
  • 2014. Certification Exam for professional Librarian
  • 2013. Certification Exam for Professional Associate Scool Librarian
  • 2008. M.A. Information Sciences, Librarianship and Linguistics at Faculty of Social Sciencies and Humanities, University of Zagreb.

Work Experience

  • 2015. Head of Library. Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb
  • 2013. Professional Associate School Librarian, Health Academy, High school in Zagreb
  • 2012. Librarian, Institute of social sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb
  • 2010. School Librarian, Elementary school „Nikola Tesla“, Zagreb
  • 2009. School Librarian, Elementary school Špansko Oranice, Zagreb
  • 2005. student work as Residential Contact Agent administrative and financial affairs, as well as technical support in mobile and computer programs VIPNET d.o.o.

Organizational Skills and Competences

  • 2016. 20th Congress of the European Anthropological Association – European Anthropology in a Changing World – From Culture to Global Biology; 26 – 30 August 2016 / Zagreb, local organizing committee
  • 2016. IUAES Inter Congress: World anthropologies and privatization of knowledge – engaging anthropology in public; 4 – 9 May 2016 / Dubrovnik; local organizing committee
  • 2015. 8th National seminar for judges and coaches in sinchronized swimming in Croatia, 7–8 February, Zagreb; organization committee and lecturer: Judging figures and technical elements; Judging difficulty
  • 2014. Erasmus+ project „Deutsch im Labor – Warum nicht?“ departure of students on work placement in Frankfurt am Main 26 October – 8 November 2014
  • 2014. FINA sinchronized swimming school for judges 24–27 April, Zagreb
  • 2013. 7th National seminar for judges and coaches in sinchronized swimming in Croatia, 9–10 November, Zagreb; organization committee
  • 2013. 6th National seminar for judges and coaches in sinchronized swimming in Croatia, 17 February, Rijeka; lecturer: Technical elements
  • 2012. FINA sinchronized swimming school for judges 15–18 March, Athens (Greece) preface of organizing committee and their duties for school

Additional education

  • CSSU course: „Scientific representation and citation of bibliographic and citation database”
  • CSSU course: „Libraries and social media“
  • CSSU course: „Electronic publishing with a special focus on e-book“
  • Familiar with library programs Metel, Zaki, Aleph and Koha