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The Institute for Anthropological Research is a public research institute based in Zagreb, Croatia, that carries out scientific, expert and educational activity in the field of anthropology as a medical, natural, biotechnological, social and humanistic science. Researchers at the Institute have different basic education (medical doctors, molecular biologists, archaeologists, social anthropologists, forensic scientists, psychologists, chemists, etc.) and are oriented towards anthropology during their PhD studies or through their research projects. Such diverse profiles of the Institute’s staff allows inter- and multidisciplinarity in designing and implementing research. The Institute possesses rich biobank and human skeletal collections. The Institute’s activities are funded by Croatia’s state budget, and national and international foundations and programmes, such as National Institutes of Health (USA), EU framework programmes for research and innovation, and others. Since its establishment, the Institute has been continuously striving for scientific excellence and global networking, it is connected with top-class leading organizations, and it is open for new collaborations in future projects.

Center for Applied Bioanthropology is a highly sophisticated, interdisciplinary center consisting of four laboratories (Laboratory for Molecular Anthropology, Laboratory for Evolutionary Anthropology and Bioarchaeology, Laboratory for Chemical Analytics, Laboratory for Microbial Ecology), each equipped with top-end instruments. Research fields of the Center include molecular anthropology, evolutionary anthropology and bioarchaeology, analytical chemistry in anthropology, microbial ecology, human growth and development, aging and personalised medicine. The Center also offers professional laboratory services (specific laboratory analyses, forensic expertise, professional studies and projects). In addition to the scientific and professional services, the work of the Center includes education of students (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level), mentoring of graduate and doctoral dissertations, methodological training, public lectures, summer schools, workshops etc.


  • The Laboratory for Molecular Anthropology
  • The Laboratory for Evolutionary Anthropology and Bioarchaeology
  • The Laboratory for Chemical Analytics
  • The Laboratory for Microbial Ecology

Duration: 1 June 2018 – 1 March 2020
Total worth of the project: 26.472.966,86 HRK
Eu co-financing: 22.502.021,83 HRK


Excellence in research logo

Institute for Anthropological Research in March 2012 received the acknowledgment of European Commission for implementing the European Charter for Researchers and the European Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researcher. By assigning the right to use the logo “HR Excellence in Research”, the European Commission honored the Institute for the successful preparation of Strategy for Human Resources for Researchers. Award will enable the Institute to join the European research area and to ensure better working conditions and career development of researchers and the free flow of knowledge and open labor market.

To get the acknowledgment, the Institute had to carry out an extensive analysis of the internal regulations and identify gaps and obstacles in the management of human resources and respect the rights of researchers. Based on the analysis, the action plans in compliance with the regulatory principles of the Charter and the Code have been prepared in order to meet the standards set forth in this important European documents.


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