Presentation number: AG 6


Azra Licina Sinanovic1, Fehim Licina2

1Association for Nutrition and Dietetics “Food for Health”, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2Association of the family Licina, Podgorica, Montenegro

Commercial genetic tests become more popular in recent years, especially for genetic genealogy research. The most popular marker in genetic genealogy that combines genetic data and family history is the Y chromosome. This popularity is based on its haploid character and its close association with the patrilineage and paternal inherited surname. The aim of this paper is to collect, summarize and analyze data on the genetic diversity of the male population of the six municipality at the North-eastern Montenegro, with the majority population of the Islamic religion: Berane, Petnjica, Plav, Gusinje, Rozaje and Bijelo Polje through the Y chromosome. The paper presents the results of data were obtained by testing 267 samples of DNA materials taken from the male inhabitants of six municipality at the North-eastern Montenegro, of which 205 samples of male inhabitants’ Islamic denomination (group 1) and 62 samples of male inhabitants’ Orthodox denomination (group 2). The results of research point there are thirteen haplogroups: R1b, I2, E, J2, I1, G2, J1, G, R1a, N, C, T1, Q1. The most common haplogroups are I2 and R1b, both identified in 23.97% of samples, followed by E (22.47%), J2 (11.61%), I1 (6.74%), G2 (3.75%), R1a (3.37%), I1 (1.12%), G (1.12%), N (0.75%), C (0.37%), T1 (0.37%) and Q1 (0.37%). Related to the ethnic denomination, the most common haplogroup for group 1 is R1b (30.24%), followed by I2 (22.44%), E (20.98%), J2 (12.68%), I1 (4.39%), G2 (4.39%), R1a (3.41%), C (0.49%), T1 (0.49%), and Q1 (0.49%), while I1, G and N are not identified. For the group 2 the most common haplogroup is I2 (29.03%), followed by E (27.42%), I1 (14.52%), J2 (8.06%), J1 (4.84%), G (4.84%), R1a (3.23%), R1b (3.23%), N (3.23%), G2 (1.61%), while C, T1 and Q1 are not identified. These results will contribute to bringing together ethnically different confessions by understanding that they are all a mixture of different genetic markers.

Key words: Haplogroup, Y chromosome, Montenegro



Published: June 21st, 2022;

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